Secure Attachment


Why is this secure?

Whenever you send an attachment by email it uses the standard, unencrypted email system. Meaning every computer your email bounces off before it reaches your intended recipient has a copy of your email, and your attachment. Anyone with access to that computer to read.

Email is normally a totally insecure way to send personal information.

How many times have you been asked to send personal information, accounts, finances, legal information, private information, all sorts; by email, as an attachment?

End-to-end Encryption

Your attachment is encrypted on your computer before it is sent through the internet to our server, where it remains encrypted and where you are protected by our UK enforced privacy and data protection policies. Then, when your recipient is ready to download your attachment, they simply click on the link in your email and they are taken straight to the attachment download page. It's as simple as that.

The attachment remains encrypted as it travels through the internet to your recipient's computer where it is automatically decrypted and they can open the attachment. There are no extra steps to go through, and no need to install anything on your computer.

Why is this different?

Normally, if you upload a document to a cloud-based service, you have to give it a password which you then need to send to your recipient, normally by email. This obviously defeats the object of the security measure, because anyone with access to your email will also have access to the password you've just sent

With this service your recipient only needs to confirm they have access to their email address. They only need to do this once, and when they've done it they have full access to any attachments you send them. No-one without access to their email address can see their attachments.

The service also keeps a record of all attachments you have sent and received, which you can delete to tidy up if you choose.

If you like you can upload your own logo and profile picture so when the recipient clicks on the link they can feel more confident the secure attachment is safe and from you.